I just found out yesterday that the second painting below with the satellite dishes has been shortlisted for an art competition in Melbourne hosted by Toyota.  Opening night is August 8 and a link to the gallery website is below.  http://www.watcharts.com.au/toyota.html
Since I've been back from India, life has certainly kicked up a notch and I haven't completed nearly the amount of work I had hoped to.  That isn't to say that I haven't achieved anything and here is a taster of a couple pieces from my Delhi series.  i currently have another 4 in progress, with a further 4 boards waiting to be started to complete the series of 10.  Currently there is no completion date or specifically planned exhibition for these works, but I will keep you posted.  How back to playing with some paint!

I was very fortunate to be given a personal tour through a textile factory during my stay.  Here are a few photos taken showing some highlights of my tour.  New Delhi, India.  2012
Just finishing up the last pieces for my exhibition next month.  Looking forward to beginning my Delhi inspired body of work this week.  I feel my focus shifting from a more urban feel than industrial and am excited about fresh work and images.  Here's couple photos that are pumping my creative juices...
Whilst walking around the streets and lane ways of Delhi, it is impossible not to notice the dogs.  They are everywhere and unavoidable.  Although the focus of my work is industrial and urban landscapes, I couldn't help but notice how Delhi's dogs were an integrable part of these landscapes.  As a result I began photographing them with the camera on my iPhone during my walks and have decided to publish my photos in a small project book.  This book can be seen and purchased through the link Delhi's Dogs.  I also feel that these dogs will appear again in my industrial paintings, as they have in my mind become an inseparable part of urban and industrial environments.
After several attempts I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get inside a factory in Delhi is to know someone.  Thankfully, Pirya who manages the residency has a friend who owns a textile factory and today I was given an hour tour and freedom to snap away.  Although there was no large machinery of which I'm so fond of, I was quite taken with how the space was utilized and the amount of work still done by hand. I look forward to the challenge of working with images so far from my preconceived ideas and am open to new possibilities in my work.  I still think the focus of my work will be in the urban environment and industrial sites.  Tomorrow I will focus on lane ways, with perhaps another visit to Old Delhi for an extra dose of chaos...
Yesterday was a productive day of exploring Old Delhi and the Hauz Khas village.  I spent my day walking and photographing the older urban area of Delhi with a focus on the old markets.  These were an incredible extreme of run down tiny alley ways literally over flowing with stalls bursting with merchandise and food stalls of every description imaginable.  Other highlights including the tomb ruins in the Hauz Khas village and the Hindi palaces scattered around the city.  Although, I haven't accessed any industrial areas, the urban feel of the city has been inspirational in its exotic and all encompassing feel.  Below are some photos from Old Delhi in Chandni Chowk.
Pyriva, who runs the residency visited this morning and has pointed out the local industrial areas, which I plan to visit next week. She also has a friend who owns a garment factory and has given me contact information, sayng that I will be able to access the inside of this factory, which I will follow up early next week.

Old Delhi Market





Well I have finally arrived and have spent my first night at my New Delhi Residency.   My room is on the second floor and the entire balcony is mine to enjoy along with an ensuite.    I am sharing the space with a Swiss Iraian artist, Navid.   Today we walked around the local area and started to document our surroundings as well as visited a local gallery.  Tomorrow I plan to head up to old Delhi and to see if I can find where I may be able to access some factories as well as continue to document the environment.  Looking forward to the challenges and extreme spaces presented in India. 
Merry Christmas everyone!  This will be my last night in Melbourne for the next 4 weeks.  Tomorrow I will catch my 5 pm flight to Singapore and then New Delhi, India, which will arrive at 2:20 am.  For once I am hoping that the plane will be delayed.  My residency doesn't begin until Jan 3, so I will spend my first week travelling around, but still have yet to decide where.  Tonight I have begun to pack and am excited about the adventures ahead and being able to share them.  Good night, sleep well and let the journey begin!
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