After several attempts I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get inside a factory in Delhi is to know someone.  Thankfully, Pirya who manages the residency has a friend who owns a textile factory and today I was given an hour tour and freedom to snap away.  Although there was no large machinery of which I'm so fond of, I was quite taken with how the space was utilized and the amount of work still done by hand. I look forward to the challenge of working with images so far from my preconceived ideas and am open to new possibilities in my work.  I still think the focus of my work will be in the urban environment and industrial sites.  Tomorrow I will focus on lane ways, with perhaps another visit to Old Delhi for an extra dose of chaos...

04/04/2012 3:18am

Hi Christina! You had come to our factory in Noida. I am curious to see what you clicked....

Christina Markin
04/04/2012 4:55pm

Hello Neelam,

Thank you for your inquiry, I will post a couple pictures for you. I'm not much of a photographer, but will be using the photos for inspiration on my painting which I'm currently working on.


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