Yesterday was a productive day of exploring Old Delhi and the Hauz Khas village.  I spent my day walking and photographing the older urban area of Delhi with a focus on the old markets.  These were an incredible extreme of run down tiny alley ways literally over flowing with stalls bursting with merchandise and food stalls of every description imaginable.  Other highlights including the tomb ruins in the Hauz Khas village and the Hindi palaces scattered around the city.  Although, I haven't accessed any industrial areas, the urban feel of the city has been inspirational in its exotic and all encompassing feel.  Below are some photos from Old Delhi in Chandni Chowk.
Pyriva, who runs the residency visited this morning and has pointed out the local industrial areas, which I plan to visit next week. She also has a friend who owns a garment factory and has given me contact information, sayng that I will be able to access the inside of this factory, which I will follow up early next week.

Old Delhi Market


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